Truly slow and ethical
fashion for the truly
soulful, mindful woman.

pure cotton & linens in our bespoke prints

Discover our creations and treat yourself to beautiful keepsake pieces that will grace you and your wardrobe for a lifetime. We design and release signature prints and silhouettes made ethically supporting the artisans and women in India.

Timeless, elegant pieces offering a lifetime of wear.
Styles to seasonally, eternally transcend.
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Hand Made in India
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Hand Made with love for the conscious kin.
Our Story

Naomi Swalwell comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, with her great grandfather founding the nationally treasured brand, Cottees. 

It was her grandmother Mae, in fact, who came up with the Aussie staple of every family’s summer, ‘Passiona’, helping her father to lovingly squeeze the fruits for each batch of cordial and jam. 

Naomi’s fashion credentials are vast and impressive, with stints in design production at Zambesi and womenswear design at Bonds. It was these experiences that Naomi credits to her love for homegrown brands; ones that cultivate and celebrate the laid-back Aussie aesthetic, and snap-change seasons of the land down under.

Using renewable textiles and Employing Local Workers to create timeless, quality garments.

Thoughtfully Designed
Lovingly Hand-Crafted

At House of Lacuna, we don’t believe in seasonal collections. In fact, we stay away from doing anything quickly; without conscience.

Our styles are slow from infancy: designed, hand-stitched and printed with intention and purpose at every step. The result is simple, timeless and classic fashion, worn for years and across every season.

Supporting Artisans in India and their communities, with integrity, honour and grace.

Every texile print Naomi Designs inhouse through motif design in illustrator and photoshop.

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