House of Lacuna is an ethical and sustainable women’s and girls fashion brand. We would like to welcome you into our journey and introduce you to House of Lacuna, which means new space in Latin. Designed on the East coast nestled between ocean and bush, House of Lacuna has a range of beautiful elegant shapes in natural fibres with nautical, paisley and geo prints.

We have been working very hard on establishing a new direction in the ethical and sustainability space in fashion. Creating a circular loop in our product is at the forefront of creating sustainable and ethical supply chains. We have spent time to really lean in and understand the impact the fashion industry is having on a global scale.


We are so excited to invite you into the process and exploration from the ground up. And yes we are also still learning, seeking knowledge and asking questions.

House of Lacuna was founded in 2019 by Naomi Swalwell with a clear vision: to create garments that transcend fashion trends and instead designing and crafting beautiful garments that are timeless with our bespoke in-house textile prints and sustainable purpose.