At House Of Lacuna we are acutely aware of the huge toll the fashion Industry is having on the people, earth and oceans. The immense strain this industry is putting on the environment is so overwhelming. How do we all make a difference in this huge environmental impact so many of us are guilty of having a part in? Since the very beginning we wanted to create a way to have a go and try to make a change in the overwhelming environmental impacts our clothes have on our planet and oceans.

We have done this by taking risks and working with a handful of suppliers and craftsman that have the same beliefs and strive towards creating change. We engage and support with local communities in Indonesia where ethical and sustainable working conditions, fabric sourcing and water management (treating and reusing) is at the forefront of manufacturing.



We are striving to create small collections following our commitment to slow and sustainable fashion creating beautiful garments that last a lifetime.

It is our mission and goal to adhere to The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Which have a universal application. By using this framework as our guide we are striving to make a healthier planet and make our footprint lighter and how do we as a business create circularity in the supply chain and end use of our garments. We do this by offering replacement cloth options to garments that have been well loved, only using shell, wood or cork hardware on our garments and by ensuring all packaging used is, consistent water management and use/recycling of all textile off cuts.