Our Best Selling Style - Gingham Cotton Yarn Dyed Blouse

Gingham Cotton Yarn Dyed Blouse 

black and white gingham 

Style Spotlight 
In this series of style spotlights written by our designer Naomi Swalwell, we will showcase the versatility and effortless style that is an ode to the way Naomi designs her garments encompassing many shapes and sizes. 
Here we have some beautiful women wearing one of our best sellers, a truly lovely style for all shapes and sizes. Below we have our beautiful model @leamcveigh
STYLE: Shirtmarker blouse 
Design Idea: For this style of top I really wanted to design a ''Parisian Artist'' style blouse that all shapes and sizes could wear. Being in such a striking and eye catching black and white yarn dyed cotton it lends itself so easily to be styled with any kind of pant, wide or skinny leg can work so well. This blouse also has a beautiful button down front and the shirt can be worn open over many different T-shirt styles.


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